August 27, 2020
Mr. Brian Huseman
Vice President, Public Policy
Amazon, Inc.
601 New Jersey Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
Dear Mr. Huseman,
We read with great interest your August 18 letter responding to Republican Leaders Greg Walden, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Representative Richard Hudson and their questions about Amazon’s policies with respect to vetting third-party sellers and preventing the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods as a result of organized retail crime, which the Committee points out is a $509 billion problem.  
Despite invoking the terms “verify” and “protection” nearly 20 times in your response to the Committee, Amazon has indicated its opposition to the Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers (INFORM) Act, which would protect consumers by requiring all online marketplaces to collect and verify basic information about third-party sellers.
As a leading marketplace, Amazon has an opportunity to help ensure there are clear federal rules designed specifically to crack down on counterfeit and stolen goods from ending up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers.    
Amazon has voiced its support for legislation in California that would hold the company liable for defective products sold on its platform that injure consumers. The INFORM Consumers Act would make it much easier to track down and hold accountable anyone selling such products on Amazon’s marketplace. 
Given Amazon’s stated mission to be the “Earth’s most customer-centric company,” its opposition to the INFORM Consumers Act is puzzling. We hope Amazon will reverse course as it has in California, and endorse federal legislation protecting consumers from illicit goods sold via online marketplaces.
Michael Hanson
Buy Safe America Coalition
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